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لدينا أفضل الموظفات من المغرب تونس جزائر مصر و سوريا

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Al Barsha -
احجز الان دبي البرشاء

Business Bay
احجز الان في دبي بزنس باي

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About Exotic Bubbles

We use only the best herbs and essential oils imported from Thailand and Morocco, and we have a very friendly and professional staff to serve you. Whatever you are looking for, whether it be a relaxing spa after a long day at work or a romantic getaway, we are the place for you!
Arabic Massage in Dubai | Moroccan Bath in Business Bay  | Arabic VIP massage 

In addition to our highly experienced and professional staff, our services include Aromatherapy Massage, Bamboo Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Couple Massage, Four Hands Massage, Lomi Massage, Relax Massage, Massage Therapy, Male Massage Center, Full Body Massage, Six Hands Massage, Stretching Massage, and much more! Book with us today and let us give you the relaxation you deserve.

Moroccan Bath | حمام مغربي

Moroccan baths are known as Hammams in Arabia. During the Hammam, the purpose is to relax people while their skin is cleansed and softened. Special black soap, natural herbs, and henna are used to make your skin completely purified and smooth. A Moroccan bath in usually takes about 35 to 40 minutes.

Relax Massage | مساج استرخاء

The goal of relaxation massage is to help you relax by using a tempo of gentle, gliding, sweeping, rhythmic strokes. With this massage, the emphasis is on assisting you to relax rather than addressing chronic muscle adhesions, knots, or issues.

Hot Stone Massage | تدليك الحجر الساخن

Hot stone massage therapy enhances circulation, relieves muscle stiffness, and melts away tension. Combining hot stones with massage can improve blood flow throughout the body by expanding blood vessels.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is when basalt stones are heated in hot water and used during a massage. Basalt is used because it is a volcanic rock that retains heat that then penetrates deep into the tissue during a hot stone massage. From an energetic perspective, these volcanic stones have grounding, balancing, and emotionally calming qualities.

We Bring The Best Service

Relax with calming music, soothing steam, and globally inspired spa rooms.
مساج عربي في دبي | Arabic Massage in Dubai
As a professional Dubai massage center, we source high-quality products that deliver excellent results. Discover a wide range of indulgent treatments and let our experts indulge you to the fullest. To learn more or schedule an appointment at our spa center, give us a call today!
Arabic Massage in Dubai |  Moroccan Bath in Business Bay | Arabic VIP massage


Relax Massage
مساج استرخاء

Strong Massage
مساج قوي

ازالة شعر

Jacuzzi | جاكوزي

Moroccan Bath
حمام مغربي

Hot Stone Massage تدليك الحجر الساخن

Four Hands Massage
مساج اربع ايدي

Six Hands Massage
ستة تدليك اليدين

Manicure & Pedicure
مانيكير و بدكير

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